2020 Fall Team League Details

Our team league is a combination of competitive climbing and a strategy game, where teams of two battle it out in this zany approach to league sports. Each week participants will climb to earn points. However, that’s not all. Teams will be able to earn extra MIP and EPIC points. Plus, they can attempt to seal points with the skillful use of the SABOTAGE!

And that’s not all! All league participants get a FREE pass to participate in our end of fall party, The Goat Fort Fall Fracas (GF3)!

  • October 22nd - December 12th (8 weeks)
  • Climbers can participate in one of three sessions each week:
    • Thursday at 7:00pm (except for Thanksgiving, Nov 26th)
    • Friday at 5:00pm
    • Saturday at 2:00pm
  • The Goat Fort Fall Fracas (GF3) will be on Saturday, December 19th.
  • $120 for non-members
  • $108 for members
  • Prizes will include gear, gift cards, and Goat Fort swag!
  • Participants must be at least 14 years old.
  • Climbers can earn a score on any climb.
  • Scoring is weighted to level the field.
  • The more times you do a climb the less it is worth.
  • Climbers can only score one night per week and it must be a league night.
  • THE SCORING FORMULA: Route Grade ÷ Climber Grade ÷ Number of Ascents ×10.
  • Team points are calculated weekly.
  • Team points are determined by adding the top 5 scores for each climber (10 scores per team).
  • Climbers will need to use our “Tick List” to track their climbs.
  • Tick Lists require calibration, which should happen prior to the first league climb.
  • The “MIP” Most Improved Player is determined by the climber with the largest increase in score compared to the previous week (i.e. current week’s score - previous week's score).
  • Each week, players will choose the person they think will be the MIP. (Participants may not vote for themselves or their teammate.)
  • The MIP earns 2 extra points for their team.
  • Players that choses correctly will earn 2 points for their team.
  • If the actual MIP does not receive any votes, they earn an additional 5 UNDERDOG points for their team.
  • Each week, teams will vote for another team they wish to sabotage.
  • If the team they chose scores the most points for the week they will steal 1 point from that team.
  • If the top scoring team's sabotage votes exceeds the number of points they earn, then the Sabotage BACKFIRES and each team that voted for them loses a point.
  • Any team successfully sabotaged is immune to a sabotage the following week.